CAP Theorm and Distributed Databases

While traditional Database systems thrive for strong ACID properties, on the other end of spectrum are
BASE(Basically Available Soft-state Eventual consistency)distributed database systems like Hbase, Cassandra,
BigTable, Dynamo etc.

If you talk about these distributed systems you will definitely touch the Brewer’s CAP theorem – Beautiful and simple Idea for designing and deploying applications in a distributed environment.
CAP stands for Consistency, Availability, and Partition tolerance.
The theorem simply states that any shared-data system can only achieve TWO OF THESE THREE.
NoSql Distributed databases identify themselves with 2 of the CAP requirements. Eg.

1) BigTable is CA
2) Dynamo is  AP
3) Cassandra is AP
4) Hbase is CP

Check out the links below for CAP theorem explanation.
Introduction of CAP –>

Excellent discussion on  “P” of CAP

Technical Proof of CAP theorem form Gilbert and Nayncy.

Author: Tribhuwan

I am Tribhuwan Negi. I have been a technology evangelist and enthusiast having wide areas of interest in the field of software development and engineering. I have experience in architecting and designing enterprises applications, integration and middle-ware application solutions. I have worked on computational data grids(fabrics), distributed caching, data retrieval systems, complex event processing engines. I have also worked with CADCAM, process engineering and robotic simulations. I have lead teams on complete SDLC cycle. I have worked with start-ups and practiced agile software development. I work on different roles of developer, tech lead, engineering manager, software architect and scrum master. I have Bachelor and Masters Degree in Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology(IIT), Bombay.

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